Global warming is a hot (no pun intended) topic these days.  A debate is raging on this issue.  Is the planet actually warming up?  If so, is it due to natural causes or is it mankind's activities that are causing the warm up?

Your job is to research the points of the issue and post your opinion on the debate.  You initial response must include:

 1) Your opinion if global warming is actually occuring and whether you believe it is a natural occurance or if it is man made

 2) at least two reasons for your opinion

 3) At least two sources that support your reasons

You must respond to at least two other postings.  You must select one response you agree with and one you do not.  These must include:

 1) The name of the student you are responding to

 2) Whether you agree or disagree with the other student

 3) Explain why you agree /disagree with specific details

 4) Provide a new resource which supports or refutes the other  student's post

Al Gore
9/17/2008 04:43:42 am

Global Warming is really happening. The polar ice caps are melting and the sea levels are rising.
If you would like to see proof, go to the internet I invented and see for yourself!

7/7/2011 04:32:37 pm

Fool‘s haste is no speed.


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